Day 3 & 4

Moin Moin (Good Morning) Tribe Members!

Sorry about the delay in blog posts, as it has been a very busy here in Germany.

Day 3 started with guitar tones and rhythm tracking. For those who don't know, Lasse is known for achieving epic guitar tones across the world. When you walk into his studio, there are walls of guitar amplifiers and cabinets. EVH, Mesa, Diesel, Soldano, Driftwood, Marshall, Framus, are just some of the well known amps to choose from. For the guitar tracking, the Driftwood Purple Nightmare was chosen as the main amp for the rhythms.

This was also a special time because it was the debut of Bobby's custom ESP guitar, nicknamed the "Ghoul Guitar". It's a combination of a tradition ESP eclipse but the paint glows in the dark and was made to Bobby's specifications. The combination of the guitar with the Driftwood amp just sounded magical. The guitar tone for this EP is going to be a lot bigger sounding and prominent than any previous Meka Nism releases.

Day 4 resulted in more rhythm guitars and finishing up all of the 5 songs. When the guitars were done being recorded, they were basically DI tracks, and later re-amped. Re-Amping a guitar track enables you to use any guitar amplifier without having to re-record anything so guitar tones are achievable in a much smaller amount of time. Bobby and Lasse sat and tried every amp combination possible and came across a blend of the Driftwood Purple Nightmare and an amp not really that well known called the Earforce, another german amp company. The blend together sounds huge, aggressive, and metal as f**k :)

We got done with recording around 6:00pm and decided to walk around Lubeck. It's important to not get stir crazy in the studio for us, and Lubeck is an amazing town. The gothic architecture throughout is absolutely stunning. Lubeck is almost like a medieval city caught in the grips of modern time. There is one building in particular that stands out, and it's St. Mary's Church. The church was built between 1250 and 1350 and the thought of it being around before America was even a thing, is kind of mind boggling. The myth around the church is that the devil helped build it, which helps explain it's massive size. He helped build it because he thought it was going to be a winery and when it was finished he wanted to destroy it, but then was persuaded to leave it alone by everyone giving him booze.

So far this EP is sounding very, very good. We get more excited after each piece is completed and cannot wait to unleash this beast upon the world. We have a bunch more recording to do, so stay tuned for more coming very soon!


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